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In 1804 the Imperial Russian government selected Tomsk as the seat of the new Tomsk Governorate, which would include the modern cities of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, and Krasnoyarsk, as well as the territories now in Eastern Kazakhstan.

The new status brought development and the city grew quickly.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Tomsk is considered one of the oldest towns in Siberia. The city is a notable educational and scientific centre with 6 state universities, over 100,000 students, and the oldest university in Siberia.

The annual average temperature is 0.87 °C (33.57 °F).

Winters are severe and lengthy, and the lowest recorded temperature was −55 °C (−67 °F) in January 1931.

The average temperature in July is 18.7 °C (65.7 °F).This work is in the public domain in Russia according to article 1256 of Book IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation No. It was published on territory of the Russian Empire (Russian Republic) except for territories of the Grand Duchy of Finland and Congress Poland before 7 November 1917 and wasn't re-published for 30 days following initial publications on the territory of Soviet Russia or any other states.The Russian Federation (early RSFSR, Soviet Russia) is the historical heir but not legal successor of the Russian Empire.By World War II, every twelfth resident of the city was a student, giving rise to the city's informal name - the Siberian Athens.After the October Revolution of 1917 the city became a notable center of the White movement, led by Anatoly Pepelyayev and Maria Bochkareva, among others.

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